SUWADA Bottle Opener – Brushed Steel “With Magnet, More Practical”

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“With Magnet, More Practical” SUWADA Bottle Opener – Brushed Steel 


Open daily life in style, being befuddled with its subtle fineness

More stylish, more smart.

Just upgrading the bottle opener makes it extraordinary.

Indulge in your beverage treat even during its opening scene.

Made with love in Japan sincerely designed the entire “drink” moment meticulously.

A superior manner upon opening the bottle

SUWADA’s BOTTLE OPENER shows its perfection in plump and streamlined design as if it is an artistic object.

When you open the bottle, the opener which cannot beat its presence, even randomly placed, covers the bottle crown cap fully. In the meantime, the fulcrum is placed at the edge of the bottle, that is a trick we keep it intact.

As there is a magnet on the back, it magnetically gravitates towards it. The beautifully designed opener takes a good care of your whole “opening” action like Zen ceremony.


Size: approx. W14mm × H14mm × D123mm

Weight: approx. 35g (56g including case)

Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Satin brushed

Case: Metal case

  • Made in Japan. All handmade, sight variations in size and in weight can be found.
  • Please do not place it in a dishwasher.


※ Product design, specifications, appearance are subject to change without notice. 
We kindly ask for your understanding.