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A work designed by Yamasaki Hiroshi, a product deisigner who
develops original brands as YAMASAKI DESIGN WORKS.
In response to a request from Kimura Glass Store, the president for
“glass like a stone,” he proposed “random” and “random” glasses.
The masterpiece is made by cutting out the conical lump with a wooden tool “Kanna”.
It is not a design from the intended use, but a “stone-like glass” that is intended for use.
* The indicated capacity is appropriate. Depending on the contact surface,
the expression of the glass will change.


height : 87mm
φ : 84mm
size: 150ml
weight (approx.) :153g
material : Soda-Lime Glass
Brand : Kimura Glass
designed by : Tora Urup
the country of origin : Japan