BIRDY. Supply Glass Towel L size (40 x 90cm)

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BIRDY. Supply Glass Towel L size (40 x 90cm)


Born among the voices of professionals who handle a large number of glasses every day.

A bartender carefully polishes a glass in one corner of the counter, often seen in movie or drama scene. In order to be able to enjoy a good drink, a glass that is clean, shiny and beautifully polished is one of the essential essences.


(Features of product)
– A new product made from materials that were developed based on the commends of the professionals of glasses.
– High water holding capacity by the “capillary phenomenon” in which water gets into the micro gaps between threads. Water absorption lasts long even if it is wet.
-Absorb the water speedily just by wiping.

Size: approx.  40 mm × 90 mm
Weight: approx. 68g
Material: Polyester 85%, Nylon 15%
Color: Cool grey

Release: May 2018
Country of origin: Japan


※ Product design, specifications, appearance are subject to change without notice.
We kindly ask for your understanding.




Line: BIRDY. Supply
Planning: Yokoyama Kogyo