Bello s

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The Bello series is a glass that you can enjoy using it nice at the restaurant and home table. While we tried various drinks with various shapes such as wine, sake, tea etc, I was able to grasp the outline of “How to enjoy the taste of the Japanese people” that I felt vaguely. Based on the premise of “expressing the taste”, a glass of a shape conforming to “How to enjoy the taste of the Japanese people” was completed.
S size to savour sake.
The glass name Bello is Italian and means “beautiful”.
※ Stacking possible.

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Bello s

φ: 55mm
height: 49mm
size: 60ml
weight (approx.) : 25g
material : lead-free crystal glass
by handmade

Brand: Kimura Glass
designed by: Kimura Glass
the country of origin: Hungary