Yumiko Iihoshi

After graduating from Kyoto Saga University of arts with a Porcelain major, she created her own porcelain collection under the name “yumiko iihoshi porcelain”.

In 2007, she joined Daito-ku designer’s village and started manufactured product series in November of the same year.

Osaka shop was opened in 2012, then Tokyo showroom & shop in 2014.

Her product series and handmade pieces have been widely exposed both domestic and international.

Office and atelier have been moved to Meguro-ku, Tokyo in 2016.

Philosophy of [ yumiko iihoshi porcelain ]

We always strive to create vessels that serve as tools for telling each person’s story.

Handmade goods should not retain many traces of their creators.

Manufactured products should not be too dreary.

We create our works based on this concept: “on the border between handmade and manufactured products.”

For our manufactured product series, we aim to create tableware that are mass-produced yet warm.

To achieve this goal, we ask craftsmen from potteries across Japan to create original colors and shapes using manual processes.

Each individual piece has a different look, and each shows different shades when glazed, which is what inspires fondness in the user.
We believe that this is a unique merit of
yumiko iihoshi porcelain that cannot be found in dreary, mass-produced tableware.

We hope that our tableware will bring more moments of fondness to our customers’ daily lives.

6 colors x 6 sizes = 36 types